How to Turn Your Frontline into Superior Digital Advocates 



Changing financial habits is hard.

Having state-of-the-art tech isn’t enough (even if you spent a ton of money on it). Getting customers to change how they do their banking requires an extra push. And building habits so they become regular digital banking users requires a significant amount of effort.  

One of the best times to nudge customers towards digital is when they visit your branch. Your frontline staff can proactively promote your digital products and answer any questions customers have.

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But for this to work, your frontline staff have to be confident and knowledgeable when talking to customers.  

This report will look at some of the obstacles preventing staff from recommending digital products — and how you can overcome those obstacles & turn frontline staff into digital product ambassadors.  

Financial institutions that have a program in place for branch and call center staff to educate and engage customers are achieving mobile banking adoption rates of 30 percent or higher 

— Fiserv


Three Reasons Staff Don't Promote Digital Banking

There are three main reasons why it's difficult to get employees to promote your digital products.

Turn Your Frontline into Superior Digital Advocates

  • three important reasons staff don't promote digital banking
  • how to address your employees' concerns and change their behavior  
  • a proven strategy for turning frontline staff into digital ambassadors 

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